Ben Franklin’s Way

How to Create a Great Day

Two simple questions that he asked.
They are not just any old questions though, but the questions that the famous
inventor, author and diplomat Ben Franklin used to ask himself each day.

What are the two questions?

Well, in the morning he asked himself:

  • What good shall I do this day?

In the evening he asked himself:

  • What good have I done today?

Simple but powerful — These two questions help to:
– Stay focused on just the very few essential things during my day.

– Do the things you deep down feel are the right things. And that may help
you to improve your self-esteem, relationships and life.

– Follow up, be accountable to yourself and with more clarity see your own weak
spots and how you can get things done more effectively. Plus, it may help you
to remember to appreciate yourself and what you have accomplished.

So if you want to add a bit of smart and timeless wisdom to your daily life then I
highly recommend these two questions from one of the most productive and
creative people of all time.


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