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Live Active Listening Support For Your Entire Household.

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  3. Begin a confidential Active Listening session via:

Your EAP Helpline has been significantly upgraded to more than a crisis intervention and benefit referral service. We now support everyday work/life stress relief for your entire household. Call 888-381-2192 about any issue BIG or small…stress relief for work and home. We now cover the gamut for you!

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Our same highly trained crisis-line professionals are now inviting everyone in your household to contact them whenever stress is high for any reason. It no longer has to be an emergency. In fact, this enhanced service focuses on health and prevention by our non-judgmental empathic Active Listeners. Research shows that “getting things out” rather than “bottling them up” is healthier. If anyone in your household is upset, confused or just needs to vent, contact us day or night. Our Active Listeners provide objectivity and continuity. They may prompt you to examine relevant Self-Help Guides on this Self-Service EAP site. You may even wish to get back to them. If you get stuck and in need of some personal coaching, or just feel like telling someone about a success, we are always here for you.

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 Contact my confidential Debt Counseling Helpline: 1-269-544-4900 or Email.

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Managing finances and debt can be daunting for many households. We have professional debt counselors standing by to assist you in identifying problem areas, creating a plan of action and coaching you out of financial difficulties for the near and long term. This service is during business hours at this time (Eastern). If you need immediate support, contact our listeners above.

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 Start my legal consultation. (Swiderski & Ward P.C.): 269-278-3333 or Email.

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You can directly and confidentially contact a law firm from this site. The initial consultation with a licensed attorney is free of charge. The attorney will:

  1. Take the time to listen to your story in a confidential manner.
  2. Identify the key legal issues of your case.
  3. Help you create a plan of action for moving forward.

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I would like to message my EAP provider Windward Employee Solutions.

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Access Windward Employee Solutions for EAP program information, management services and feedback. Our open-door policy is for anyone in the company and their household members. Please use our contact page to rate our service and give us specific feedback any time.

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The Selected Online Self-Help Links Below Are Supported by your:

24/7 Live EAP Helpline/Active Listeners: 1-888-381-2192.


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 Browse dozens of different DIY Self-Help Guides from A to Z.

 Try the Emotional Intelligence Toolkit for growth and mindfulness exercises.

 Study Harvard Health & Research Information and Documentation.

 Generate a Personality Profile with IBM Watson for self awareness (Click “Body of Text” then “Your own text”).

 Explore the SMART addiction recovery program.

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