Road Rage

It is believed that experiencing a road rage situation on your way to work can disrupt your ability to focus for several hours. We live in a stressed out and high levels of fear society. A recent study noted that 75 percent of the people in the US experience high levels of stress. It’s no wonder given the state of things, war, epidemics, disasters, near economic collapse, etc. This stress takes a toll on our physiology and self-control – put that behind a 2 ton vehicle going 80 miles an hour and it spells trouble. A natural reaction to experiencing road rage is a fight or flight stress response. Your heart rate increases, you’re more impulsive and reactionary, and your body slowly unwinds from the stress response.
The following are thoughts about road rage and a quiz you can take to see what your driving is like. Caution… objects may be closer than you think.

Aggressive Driving or Road Rage

Road Rage is aggressive driving ……Carried out to the extreme – can involve physical violence.

Traffic Situations Triggering Road Rage

  •  Feeling endangered, such as being cut off
  •  Being detained by other drivers who are going slowly
  •  Watching other people breaking the rules of the road
  •  Feeling the need to retaliate
  •  Stress
  •  Competition with other drivers
  •  Feeling disrespected by other drivers